Is a dirty office damaging your brand?

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Most business people understand how it would look if they turned up to a meeting in scruffy, dirty, creased up clothes with grubby hands and food stains down their front. It wouldn’t give a client the best impression of your company or showcase your brand in the best light. Despite this, many companies don’t think about how the cleanliness of their offices could also damage their reputation.

A clean place of work shows the way you do things. It shows that you care about the environment your team works in and the image you present to clients and suppliers. Don’t let dirty offices damage your brand.

Signage, windows and entrance

First impressions count, right? The last thing you want is to put clients off before they’ve even entered your building with dirty signage and grimy windows. Even if clients don’t come into your building they may drive or walk by. Do you really want them to see your expensive signage covered in dirt? Is that really showing you as a company who is proud of their brand?

Make sure your signs are cleaned regularly so they look bright and professional. Keep entranceways clean of cigarette ends, leaves and litter. Have your windows cleaned internally and externally. Make your building look inviting.

Carpets and furniture

Filthy carpets, stained upholstery and grubby furniture can really put visitors off your company. How awkward would a meeting be if a potential new client refused to sit on your unclean seating for fear of dirtying their suit? Would you really want a client to leave your office with dirty marks on their shirt because they leant on one of your dusty desks or tables?

Carpets and furniture will get worn down over time, but you can keep them looking better for longer with regular cleaning. Not only does this make them look nicer, it also helps keep your office smelling fresh.

Mugs and glassware

Meetings feel much more comfortable and relaxed when you offer clients a drink, but not when it comes in a coffee-stained mug or a glass covered in someone else’s lipstick.

Make sure you have a nice collection of clean, unchipped mugs and glasses to put out for client meetings. Ensure that you regularly clean out the dishwasher and the filters. Restock washing up liquid and change the dishcloths or sponges on a regular basis.


There is nothing worse than a dirty, smelly toilet apart from a dirty, smelly toilet with no toilet roll, soap or hand-drying facilities. Imagine a fantastic candidate has just completed an interview and then visits your disgusting toilets. It could put them off taking a job with you. After all, who wants to face that every day?

Make sure that toilets are regularly cleaned, are well-stocked with toilet paper and soap, and bins aren’t left to overflow.

The details

It is very easy to walk around your building day after day without noticing the finer details. Unfortunately, someone visiting for the first time will be taking in their surroundings. They will probably notice those dirty skirting boards, the cobwebs on picture frames, the dried coffee cup rings on windowsills and dust all over your fire extinguishers.

You might be carrying out a quick surface clean of desks, running the vacuum around each day and emptying bins, but are you taking care of the details? It’s worth having a cleaning rota listing all those extra tasks that need taking care of to make sure they don’t get missed. Things like wiping skirting boards and ledges, cleaning the slats on blinds, dusting the picture frames and polishing mirrors.

Leave it to us

Your time is best spent taking care of running your business so why not leave the cleaning to us. We love making businesses sparkle and shine. We can take care of regular cleaning, deep cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning and window cleaning. Don’t let a dirty office damage your brand. Let Red Owl take care of all your cleaning needs. Contact us today to book a free no-obligation quotation.

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